Wealth Management Owings Mills

Wealth Management Owings MillsCIC Wealth began providing wealth management guidance to clients in Owings Mills in 1999. Since that time we have assisted a large number of our affluent fellow community members with the management and enhancement of their finances. We offer a full range of wealth management products and services in Owings Mills. If you would like to know more about how we can be of assistance to you, we encourage you to contact us today to arrange a complimentary consultation.

At CIC Wealth we work closely with our clients to gain a full understanding of their current financial picture and their goals for the future. In this way, our team of specialists can provide customized recommendations that can offer maximum benefit. Everyone’s financial situation is unique because of the many variables involved, and this requires forethought and wealth management experience. CIC Wealth offers you this with our promise that your best interests will always be our primary focus.

CIC Wealth’s Approach to Wealth Management in Owings Mills

Your CIC Wealth’s financial consultant will undergo a detailed analysis of your financial picture before making recommendations about products and services. Your short term and long term financial goals will be considered with each of the following services:

  •         Proven tax strategies that can help you minimize tax obligations associated with your portfolio.
  •         Portfolio planning and investments that reflect your interests and financial priorities.
  •         Legacy and retirement planning options as well as charitable giving choices that can benefit your portfolio and minimize tax obligations to your heirs.
  •         Identification of investment opportunities that reflect your financial health.
  •         Comprehensive planning sessions with CIC Wealth’s specialists.

Outside Financial Professionals in Owings Mills

CIC Wealth focuses on clients with diverse and sometimes complex financial needs. If you currently work with outside financial professionals such as an accountant or attorney, or you intend to, your CIC Wealth financial consultant can work with them to provide you seamless wealth management services.

CIC Wealth Can Manage Your Portfolio

If you are a member of the Owings Mills community, you may wish to work with a local financial consultant rather than travel great distances. CIC Wealth has an office located in Owings Mills for the convenience of our clients. Your CIC Wealth financial consultant can help you choose the wealth management services and products that are best for you.

  •         We offer wealth management in Owings Mills that can include individualized investment guidance and strategies to help you meet your portfolio goals.
  •         Our CIC Wealth financial consultants in Owings Mills have years of experience, training, and skills to help you manage your assets and prepare for your future.
  •         When you work with a CIC Wealth financial consultant you can feel comfortable knowing that our wealth management fees are reasonable, leaving you with more funds to invest in your portfolio.
  •         We recognize that our clients have busy, fulfilling lives and may not desire to always communicate in person with our CIC Wealth financial consultant in Owings Mills. For your convenience, you can also take advantage of our online services and you can also consult with us by phone.

To learn more about how a CIC Wealth financial consultant in Owings Mills can help you reach your wealth management, call us today to arrange a free consultation.