Wealth Advisor Owings Mills

Wealth Advisor Owings MillsIf you are an investor looking for a Wealth Advisor Owings Mills relies on, then you found the right place. CIC Wealth is a registered investment advisor (RIA) firm located in Owings Mills, Maryland.  You might be surprised to learn that not all Wealth Advisors are required to act in their client’s best interest. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), CIC Wealth and our Wealth Advisors act as a fiduciary on behalf of our clients.  Being a fiduciary means that, by law, we are required to act in our client’s best interests, at all times. Some may not feel that this is that important, but we feel it’s one of the most significant differences between one Wealth Advisor in Owings Mills, MD to the next.

It’s our priority to educate you and provide the information necessary to make informed decisions, as you work toward achieving your financial goals.  We take the time to get to know you and your individual circumstances, so that we can better address your needs. We will then create a personalized financial plan that is designed to give you the highest probability for success. In addition to action steps, our recommendations will include an individually tailored investment portfolio that matches your risk tolerance and your long-term goals and objectives. All of our clients have their own specific set of facts and circumstances. Some clients are focused on the long-term accumulation and growth of their investments, while others are more concerned about more short-term objectives. Either way, having a Owings Mills wealth advisor who understands your goals can greatly increase your probability of success.

Wealth Advisor Owings Mills, MD

Each of our clients have a primary point of contact who gives you direct access to the team of people helping you with your specific needs. A Owings Mills wealth advisor from our firm is proactive and will keep you status updates on your investments and how well you are progressing toward achieving your financial goals.

Charles Schwab is the custodian for our client accounts.  Having your accounts at Charles Schwab gives you piece of mind that your money is being held safely and at a low cost.

If you are looking for a Wealth Advisor Owings Mills, MD turns to, who will act as a fiduciary on your behalf and provide you with a high level of customer service, contact us today!