CIC Wealth began in 1999 with an emphasis on building long-term relationships and doing right by our clients. After seven years at two large investment firms, our founders realized that there was a conflict of interest between what their companies wanted to sell and what they felt was most appropriate for their clients. Rather than promoting the agenda of their employers, our founding partners established CIC Wealth with an emphasis on the client’s best interest and establishing trust. Twenty years later, our Advisors are instilled with the same passion and motivation for helping clients achieve their financial goals and building relationships that last for generations.

Since the beginning, CIC Wealth has been dedicated to finding advisors to join the team who all possess the same passion for providing personalized financial services to their clients. Our advisors have decades of experience in a variety of areas; ranging from financial planning, portfolio management, knowledge of investments, research and much more.

From humble beginnings, CIC Wealth has grown into a well-established, boutique wealth management firm with offices in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas. CIC Wealth’s management team writes for prominent publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch column, Crains Wealth, and The Washington Post. CIC Wealth team members also regularly appear in national publications that include The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Money Magazine, and Reuters.

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