CIC Wealth Washington DCYou deserve an advisor who offers more than just stock picking or a diversified grouping of mutual funds.  At CIC Wealth, we build you a completely customized portfolio that matches your unique financial situation, specific risk/return profile and detailed goals and time horizon.  We won’t just plug you into a model and put you on autopilot.  Our approach is objective, proactive and custom tailored just for you.

Our value investing approach focuses on identifying great businesses and then searching for discrepancies between the value of the business and the price of that business in the market.

We also want you to understand your investments.  At CIC Wealth you have access to your advisor and the portfolio management team responsible for making the actual investment decisions.  Our goal is not to make you an expert, but we feel that an informed investor makes a better investor.  We will educate you on your investments, and why you own those investments.