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Building savings. Protecting your future. Pursuing your goals. These things are important to most of us, and they are important to the clients served by CIC Wealth.

Taking the time to discover what matters most to you is the first step in developing a meaningful financial plan. We know your motivation, commitment and confidence are greatest when your plan matches your values – what’s important to you.

Together, we’ll develop a plan that’s:

  • Personalized. We design a plan to address your goals, priorities and values that is specific to you.
  • Comprehensive. We recommend specific investment and insurance strategies to help you pursue and reach your goals.  Plans include:
    • Investment portfolio and asset allocation review
    • Retirement and college funding goal projections – understand how much you need to save and where.
    • Tax strategies, related to income, capital gains, and estate tax – learn how investment choices and strategy can allow you to more fully enjoy your wealth.  It’s not about how much you accumulate, but about how much you spend and enjoy.
    • Risk management – comprehensive review of insurance strategy.  Prepare yourself and the people you love for the unexpected.
    • Legacy – leave something to the people and causes you care most about.
  • Integrated. We clearly define and carefully balance relationships between each part of the plan.  Understand how financial decisions made in part one of your plan effect all aspects of your plan.  Therefore every decision should be evaluated in the context of all goals.

Your financial plan will function as your guide as you pursue your goals: Meeting your daily and monthly expenses. Funding a child’s education. Building resources for the future. Providing for your loved ones’ financial security, ensuring that one bad day doesn’t disrupt or destroy your ability to reach your dreams.

A CIC Wealth advisor will get you started on a plan. Through a thoughtful process and a trusted relationship, we will consistently focus on what’s important to you.

Who needs planning?

  • Individuals – everyone generally benefits from planning.  Organizing goals, both personal and financial, leads to better decision making and better outcomes.
  • Families – Balancing savings for retirement and college funding while protecting the family’s financial stability.
  • Professionals – Physician’s and attorneys spend considerable time and money preparing for professional life and as a result often start their career with considerable debt.  Organizing financial decision making to incorporate debt pay down, retirement savings and lifestyle is critical.  Deploying financial strategies and products to minimize risk along the way must be carefully monitored.
  • Business Owners – Entrepreneurs have access to an often untapped basket of resources.  How to deal with business risk, asset accumulation, succession and estate planning all come into question.  Does my corporate retirement plan meet both my, and my employees, retirement savings objectives?  Do I have a sound exit strategy, one that plans for the eventual tax consequences of a sale or transition?  And does my estate plan incorporate that exit strategy?  Am I utilizing all tools available to minimize income tax exposure along the way?