Wealth Management Rockville

Wealth Management RockvilleCIC Wealth offers wealth management solutions for affluent Rockville community members that are designed to help them reach their financial goals. Individuals and families rely on our years of experience and success to help them make informed decisions. Our approach to wealth management is individualized and focused on the best interests of our clients. Call us today to learn more about the various ways in which we can help you choose the wealth management tools that are best for you.

Long Term Solutions and Relationships

When working with clients in Rockville to effect positive financial change, CIC Wealth takes the long view by understanding that reaching one’s wealth management goals does not typically happen overnight. They work hard to remain informed on current and pending market variables and legislation that is relevant to our clients. CIC Wealth works closely with clients in the short and long term to assure their financial plans are modified as needed, especially as one’s goals and needs change.

Wealth Management Options in Rockville

CIC Wealth’s advisors analyze a client’s current financial picture and they consider the wealth management goals of the client. Based on this information, our advisors determine an optimum strategy to reach those goals. Over time, if a client’s circumstances change and investment strategy modifications may be advisable, CIC Wealth will work closely with the client to make necessary changes. Here are just some of the wealth management options we offer our Rockville clients:

  •         Estate planning. A carefully crafted estate plan can benefit clients during their lifetime as well as preserve their legacy for their heirs. CIC Wealth advisors work with clients and their legal counsel to develop an estate plan that takes their financial and personal circumstances into account.

o   A CIC Wealth advisor will plan for the passage of the client’s assets and the necessary documentation to put their wishes into effect.

Wealth management for affluent residents of Rockville can be all encompassing. CIC Wealth advisors consider a client’s financial goals while at the same time, balance the level of risk against potential returns when determining optimum investment choices. We help clients avoid negative outcomes due to our depth and breadth of market knowledge, resources, and an emphasis on anticipating and thereby avoiding significant investment downturns.

  •         Retirement planning. CIC Wealth advisors work closely with our clients to create realistic and achievable retirement goals. Our knowledge of tax laws can benefit our clients who wish to minimize their taxable obligations in order to provide more resources for their future.

If you would like to know more about how CIC Wealth can provide you with optimum wealth management strategies, contact us at our Rockville office today.