Financial Advisors Owings Mills

Financial Advisors Owings MillsMany individuals and couples hesitate to consult financial advisors in Owings Mills because they do not understand the many potential benefits of having knowledgeable guidance. Our financial advisors at CIC Wealth understand this and it’s why we offer a no-fee initial consultation. During the consultation, a review of your financial circumstances will clarify how our professionals can help you manage your finances and future legacy. This can be especially helpful if you have recently inherited a large sum of money, sold a business, or are on the eve of retiring. Whatever your circumstances, contact our Owings Mills office to request a free consultation with one of our financial advisors.

If you are still uncertain, consider the following scenarios. If any of these describe your circumstances, we encourage you to contact our financial advisors at CIC Wealth in Owings Mills:

  1.       You have recently experienced a major life change that affects your financial situation. In addition to this change, which may feel overwhelming, you might not have the tools to handle how it will affect your finances. Common examples include marriage, divorce, receiving an inheritance, or getting a major raise or higher paying job. Our financial advisors at CIC Wealth can help you manage this change in your finances and work alongside your tax professional and estate attorney.
  2.       You are uncertain as to how to reach your financial goals. Or, you may be frustrated that you have not yet met your financial goals. Despite your best efforts and hopes, your financial health is not as robust as you expected it to be by this time in your life. With the objective and experienced view of professional financial advisors at CIC Wealth in Owings Mills, you can receive the guidance you need to make the right decisions. One of our financial advisor Owings Mills can develop a long term and realistic investment strategy that will also take your financial risks into account.
  3.       Your current portfolio is unclear to you, or you do not feel confident that it reflects your financial goals or your circumstances. Our financial advisors at CIC Wealth in Owings Mills can review your portfolio and make informed suggestions about you may wish to move forward. Your questions will be answered and any concerns you have will be addressed.
  4.       You desire a review of your financial health by professional financial advisors at CIC Wealth in Owings Mills. This can be particularly helpful in identifying where and how you may wish to make adjustments in your portfolio. In areas of your life where you may wish to save money, defining goals with the help of a seasoned financial advisor can help you achieve a stronger financial picture. This can help you feel more accountable to yourself and may make it easier to break unhealthy spending habits.

If you would like more information about how our financial advisors at CIC Wealth in Owings Mills can be of benefit to you, call our office today and request a free consultation.