Investment Advisor Owings Mills

Investment Advisor Owings MillsOftentimes when new clients come to us, they have some confusion about the role of an investment advisor in Owings Mills. In addition to being unsure about how an investment advisor can help them reach their financial goals. Below is a brief description of how a CIC Wealth investment advisor can be of value to you, but we encourage you to contact us to find out more. We offer a free initial consultation by phone or at our office in Owings Mills for this purpose.

What is an investment advisor?

A CIC Wealth investment advisor manages a portion of a client’s money. At the onset, they choose financial assets on behalf of their client such as mutual funds, bonds, and stocks. Once the assets are carefully selected, your investment advisor will monitor them, sell and buy as appropriate to reflect your investment goals. This frees you from the concerns and time-consuming actions of making optimum investment choices. Our skilled CIC Wealth investment advisor in Owings Mills has a thorough understanding of asset management and financial markets.

Understanding the Differences Between an Investment Adviser and a Financial Planner

An investment adviser is different from a financial planner in many ways. In some areas, there is overlap which can add to the confusion.

  •         A financial planner focuses on helping clients with budgeting, savings, life insurance, loans, and mortgages. Usually this does not involve providing guidance about specific securities. Also, a financial planner usually does not have discretionary power over a client’s account.
  •         A wealth management investment adviser offers basic financial planning guidance. An investment advisor, such as one from CIC Wealth in Owings Mills, might offer financial planning as well as investment advice.

Ways in Which an Investment Adviser from CIC Wealth in Owings Mills

Depending on your financial needs and goals, an investment advisor from CIC Wealth can assist you with any of the following:

  •         Making informed decisions about what types of assets in which to invest, including specific stocks or mutual funds.
  •         Determining if investing in an actively managed fund will likely reflect your financial goals.
  •         Investments to consider for a retirement account as well as a non-retirement accounts.
  •         Understanding the risks associated with any particular investment opportunity.
  •         The return you might receive from your investment portfolio depending on the various strategies that you may choose.
  •         Your tax obligations based on the amount of income you earn on your investments, your asset choices, and when you buy or sell one or more assets.

Learn More About What an Investment Advisor in Owings Mills from CIC Wealth Can Offer

Each person’s investment needs are different because of their current financial circumstances and their individual investment goals. It’s important to sit down with investment advisor from our firm in Owings Mills to gain a fuller understanding of your options. We are focused on our clients and how they can best achieve their financial goals. When you work with an investment advisor from CIC Wealth, you can feel confident that your best interests will be protected.