Investment Advisor Rockville MD

Investment Advisor Rockville MDAt CIC Wealth, our investment advisors in Rockville are often asked what exactly it is that they do on behalf of clients. An investment advisor conducts securities analysis or makes investment recommendations for clients. This can be done by sharing information in publications or online, or the investment advisor can directly manage a client’s investments. Sometimes an investment advisor is referred to as a financial adviser. CIC Wealth has an office in Rockville where an investment advisor can meet with you and review your current portfolio. Your advisor can help you make key decisions to improve the health of your portfolio as well as its long term outlook. If you have not yet made any investments, your CIC Wealth investment advisor in Rockville can get you started on the right foot.

The Role of a CIC Wealth Investment Advisor in Rockville

When you hire a CIC Wealth investment advisor and provide them with discretionary authority, they can act on your behalf to make informed decisions about your investments. They have years of experience and specialized training that dovetails with their depth of knowledge about investment options, including stock market trends. Making smart choices about portfolio investments requires a significant amount of research and insight. The majority of our clients do not have the time or interest to do this. A CIC Wealth investment advisor is well suited to provide this service on your behalf, with the understanding that your best interests are our prime focus. Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you reach your financial goals. We do not charge for the initial consultation.

CIC Wealth Helps a Wide Range of Individuals and Corporate Clients

Our clients vary by size and background. What they share in common is the desire to maximize the value of their hard earned income. Their portfolio size and contents vary as their CIC Wealth investment advisor will make choices that reflect each client’s needs, circumstances, and financial goals. We offer personalized service because each client is different and should be accommodated on an individualized basis. Come into our Rockville office to find out how an investment advisor from our firm can assist you or your company by offering the financial services you need most.

You Can Trust an Investment Advisor in Rockville from CIC Wealth

It’s a sad fact that there are deceitful companies and individuals who will take advantage of hard working people who wish to improve their financial circumstances. CIC Wealth is a well-respected company and you can feel confident that you can trust an investment advisor from our firm. We are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and follow all applicable laws and regulations. Our CIC Wealth team works hard to assist our fellow community members in Rockville. Call us to find out how we can help you too.

Your financial security is important to you and when you work with CIC Wealth, it’s important to us too. We offer a free consultation to learn how a CIC Wealth investment advisor in Rockville MD can help you reach your financial goals—schedule an appointment today.