Tax Planning Gaithersburg MDWe want you to keep more of your earnings. That means managing your investments in a tax efficient manner to help minimize the impact of taxation. As part of our strategy, we will empower you to help defer taxation far into the future through buying and holding high quality assets, and maximizing the legal tax deductions offered by retirement plans. When taxation is unavoidable, we will work with your tax professional to aim to minimize the actual taxes paid by you. It is important for us to work with you to design a tax-smart strategy with the goal of maximizing your return; a tax burden can mean the difference between meeting a financial goal and missing the mark.

CIC works collaboratively with you to help…

  • Create plans that minimize taxation of investment income and capital gains
  • Proactively track tax changes
  • Design efficient pre-tax savings plans for business owners

We want you to make the mark and help you live worry-free. We want you to have a life well calculated.