TAD Relocation

Seniors often find that they have not done proper planning when they transition and right-size into a new home. Moving can be costly, overwhelming and stressful. CIC Wealth offers complete transition planning for seniors or for children of seniors who are looking to help their parents. We have partnered with TAD Relocation, the area’s premier downsizing and move management firm for seniors. TAD Relocation takes the stress out of moving and consolidation while CIC Wealth handles the financial aspects of transitioning, retirement and legacy planning. The result is that clients feel confident and comfortable that they are making the right move.

Play it Coy

CIC Wealth has teamed up with DC based sports agency, Play It Coy™ (PIC). We support their mission to support professional athletes in their transition off the field and throughout their life after sports. PIC challenges small and large businesses to offer up their businesses to athletes as a learning environment for their professional lives after sports. The Corporate Challenge is a chance for fans to give back to the athletes. We encourage all our corporate clients to take PIC’s corporate challenge.