Professional athletes face financial challenges that most professionals do not. Your careers are often brief, and you need to have a plan in place for when your playing days are over. The decisions you make today impact your tomorrow. CIC Wealth is here to help you manage your investments and execute a sensible financial plan, that will help ensure a smooth financial transition to your life after sports.

Together, we can help you:

  • Make a plan and execute it. Life, not just sports, must be well played. While the average person has 30 years to earn his/her money, the average athlete has only a few. CIC can help you plan and manage your future through financial education and solid financial planning.
  • Give back, but do so sensibly. It’s important to help friends in need, to give back to the community, and to make charitable donations. An athlete who has just come into money may find it hard to say “no” to all the worthwhile causes out there. The key is to have a plan in place that allows you to help worthy causes, yet ensures you also have a cap on charitable spending, so you can adequately save for your future. We can help you come up with a reasonable plan, and “play defense” to ensure you don’t give too much away.
  • Plan your second career/consider furthering your education. Like the average person looking for a career change, a professional athlete needs to plan ahead. Furthering your education can be a key to success “off the field,” but going back to school is a decision that needs a financial strategy. CIC Wealth is here to help you develop a plan for attending the college or vocational school that can help you launch a successful second career, once your playing days are over.