Executive Level Financial Counseling Program

Corporate Benefits Gaithersburg MDWe understand how your company depends on a management team that stays focused on achieving goals. While your employees are dealing with those goals, your executives must also work to ensure their own personal financial security. With limited time and resources and increasingly complex benefits, compensation packages and wealth enhancement opportunities, executives are straining to handle their own money matters.

CIC Wealth offers a comprehensive and objective high-quality corporate executive financial counseling program that will produce positive results for your executives and your organization. We can help your organization reach their personal financial goals while working to assist your organization with its human resource and business objectives. We offer programs for every level of executive, from those at the very top to those who have just achieved executive status.

Our program:

  • Improves understanding of your company’s benefits and compensation programs, enabling the executive to make choices that will help improve his or her financial position.
  • Provides a disciplined method for the executive to help achieve personal financial security.
  • Helps the executive avoid costly financial mistakes and improve his or her ability to increase wealth in the future.
  • Ensures convenience for your executives by allowing for meetings at times and places that will be agreeable to them and consistent with the overall program.
  • We partner with your Human Resources leadership to gain a full understanding of all executive benefit plans and work to convey the long-term value of these benefit programs to each executive.

Our Planning Services Include:

  • Stock Option Planning
  • Investment Planning
  • Multi-year Cash Flow and Net Worth Statements
  • Education Funding
  • Personal Risk Management and Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Strategic Annual and Transactional Tax Planning