Worried About How the Trump Administration May Affect Your Retirement?

The November 2016 election was one of the most polarizing elections in recent history. Many retirees are asking themselves and their advisors, what will the Trump presidency mean for my retirement? At CIC Wealth, we are here to help educate investors and help them make informed decisions. Here are our 3 Top Retirement Tips Under the Trump Administration.
1). We urge yoRead more

Are You Missing These Tax Deductions?

April 18th, the Tax Filing Deadline, is just around the corner and many Americans are scrambling to find legal tax deductions to help minimize the tax bite from 2015. Clearly, most tax planning needs to start well before now, but recently Kiplinger has put out a list of the 15 most overlooked tax deductions. 1. State sales taxes In the past, taxpayers have had the choice of deducting whateRead more

3 Ways To Boost Your Retirement With A Roth IRA

If you’re thinking that Roth IRA won’t work for you because of your earnings, think again. If you are a high-earner, or entrepreneur wanting to take advantage of the opportunity for tax free retirement, there are many strategies that will legally allow you to slip through the loophole and start your Roth IRA retirement today. A Roth IRA is essentially a savings account that allows you to saRead more