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Corporate Benefits


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Financial Counseling at the Executive Level

We comprehend how your business relies on an executive team that remains focused on accomplishing objectives. As your employees are focusing on those objectives, your managerial team must also serve to safeguard their own individual fiscal security. With constrained time and capital and progressively complicated benefits, premium packages and growth enrichment opportunities, executives are struggling to handle their own financial matters.

CIC Wealth supplies a complete and objective top-quality business executive fiscal counseling plan that can yield significant results for your executive team and your company. We can propel your organization toward their personal fiscal objectives while helping your business with its employee and business goals. We offer plans for every member of your executive team, from those at the peak to individuals who have just earned executive status.

Our comprehensive program:

  • Strengthens understanding of your business’ benefits and remuneration plans, permitting the corporate executive to make decisions that will build his or her fiscal position.
  • Administers a disciplined plan for the corporate executive to help accomplish personal fiscal security.
  • Assists the executive to avoid expensive financial errors and build upon his or her competence to boost assets for the future.
  • Provides convenience for your corporate executives by encouraging meetings at places and times that will be accessible to them and fit in with the complete program.
  • We coordinate with your Human Resources team to build a complete comprehension of all executive remuneration plans and strive to communicate the future value of these benefit plans to each corporate executive.

Our Planning Programs Include:

  • Stock Option Programs
  • Investment Programs
  • Multiple Year Cash and Asset Statements
  • Education Funding Programs
  • Personal Liability Planning and Insurance Needs Program
  • Retirement Outlines
  • Estate Goals and Plans
  • Strategic Annual and Transactional Tax Planning