Why CIC Wealth?

CIC Wealth takes a holistic approach to financial planning. We are here to help you design a strategy and educate you about your investments to help you live worry-free now and in the future. Through our transparent approach, our team is dedicated to helping you design a life well calculated. In addition, CIC Wealth stands out because we are…

  • Independent and bias free
  • Fiduciaries: we are ethically and legally bound to act in the best interests of our clients
  • A boutique firm that limits the number of new clients so we can provide top quality personalized service
  • Proactive with our clients
  • Disciplined in our value investing approach
  • Experienced: our advisors bring to the table many years of industry experience
  • Build dedicated relationships with our clients that extend for decades and across generations
  • Respected by our colleagues and the financial media: our advisors contribute to The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and a myriad of other financial publications, writing frequently on topics that cover stocks and finance