“CIC Wealth empowers people to achieve financial independence, manage the risk of outliving their assets, and leave a legacy.”

Michael Fein, President, CIC Wealth

The CIC Wealth story begins in the halls of the Towson University Business School, where roommates Michael Fein and Ryan Wibberley formed a personal bond that would eventually lead to a long-term business relationship.  Upon graduation, both Michael and Ryan went their separate ways.  After seven years at two large investment firms, Ryan realized that there was a conflict of interest between what the company wanted him to sell and what he felt was most appropriate for the client. Rather than promoting the agenda of his employers, Ryan wanted to build long-term relationships by focusing on the client’s best interests. So in 1999, Ryan founded CIC Wealth.  Three years later, Ryan convinced Michael to join him at CIC Wealth.

In the early years following CIC Wealth’s establishment, Frank Cappadora, and Satish Survanshi joined the team. Harboring the same passion for providing personalized financial services, they both brought decades of experience to the firm. Frank’s background in managing operations and Satish’s expertise in portfolio management would prove essential towards helping clients plan for their future.  In 2013, Andrew Goodman joined CIC Wealth bringing with him 23 years of experience as a proven value investor, specializing in finding companies trading below their intrinsic value.

From humble beginnings, CIC Wealth has grown into a well-established, boutique wealth management firm with offices in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas. CIC Wealth’s management team writes for prominent publications such as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal’s Marketwatch column, Crains Wealth, and The Washington Post. CIC Wealth team members also regularly appear in national publications that include The Wall Street JournalBarron’sMoney Magazine, and Reuters.

After 19 years, CIC Wealth remains steadfastly committed to the same simple idea: helping clients reach their personal financial goals through straightforward, unbiased financial advice and guidance.