Conflict between mother and daughterPersonal situations can often change, and create transitional periods in your life.  These unexpected events can include:  a new marriage or a divorce; job change, job loss, disability or retirement; the birth of a child or the death of a parent or spouse; and many other unforeseen incidents.  It is difficult for people to plan for all of the unanticipated circumstances life presents. It is important to have a reliable resource to help gain perspective and understand the context of your situation, with a custom tailored approach that is proactive and objective.  Regardless of the specific nature of the transition, our experienced advisors are prepared to help you and your family mitigate challenges and changes you currently face.

Transitional periods can be emotional and stressful, and it is a time when you need experienced guidance to provide objective, informed and rational financial decisions in a time of disparity. CIC Wealth helps you to strip emotion out of the equation, offers a safe place to navigate the important financial decisions you need to make, and design a strategy that will enable you to live a worry-free life.

Together, we can help you live a Life Well Calculated™. We are completely transparent and our advisors are always accessible to you for personalized guidance. We can help you create a customized financial plan, which will lead you toward a successful life by empowering you to achieve financial independence.