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Women Decision Makers


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Women Decision Makers

In today’s world, women often face additional challenges when it comes to finances. Since the life expectancy for a woman is longer than that of a man, women need to plan for a longer retirement. Traditionally, women also tend to take more time off from work than men to raise their children or care for elderly family members. Lastly, women still continue to earn less money than men for doing similar jobs.

CIC Wealth can help you pinpoint where you are today financially and help you draft a roadmap to where you want to be in the future. We try to get a complete understanding of your life, help you while working through any financial troubles that you may have, and give you suggestions on how to save additional money so that you can define your own financial identity.

We can help you by;
• Creating a personalized plan for your needs
• Preparing you for the future
• Help build your confidence so that your long-term financial goals can be achieved

The best way to start is to get to know you. We need to understand all aspects of your life in order to best help you. We will create a pro-active plan which can potentially help you live a burden free life today and every day.

Your feelings, opinions, concerns and objectives are all equally important. It is possible to simplify your life and we can help you do that.