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“How should I live to avoid outliving my money?” – This is a question that we hear often from our clients.

You have worked hard your entire life and now it is time to enjoy your retirement. You have provided for your children as well as saved assets for your family, and now it is time to appreciate the quality of life that you have dreamed of for yourself. The advisors at CIC Wealth have many years of experience. We can help you prepare for the unknown, craft a solid financial plan and create a concrete financial blueprint as well as a durable strategy to advance your financial and fiscal health. Our goal is to make you feel confident and secure with your lifestyle. Our skilled advisors will help you form goals for both the things that you can plan and those that you cannot. Our advisors will also help you deal with taxes and inflation and determine how to work with the ever changing market. We will partner with you to address your apprehensions and help you move through any unfamiliar situation. We will provide you with well-informed, tailored and organized asset management tactics to support you for the years to come.

Our advisors will help you to:

  • Outline your future desires, plans and intentions
  • Create your financial footings, and consider your game plan for the future
  • Formulate a wealth strategy to help attain those desires and intensions
  • Develop an income approach for your retirement
  • Revisit your asset management plans on a yearly basis