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Professional Athletes


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Professional Athletes

Professional athletes encounter more fiscal demands than most other professionals. Careers are often short-lived, and you must prepare a plan now for when your playing days are behind you. The strategies you put in place now will affect (and protect) your future. CIC Wealth will help you regulate your assets and create a prudent fiscal strategy, that can help you secure a fluid financial progression after your sports career.

We can help:

  • Make a strategy and see it through. Just like sports, life must be played with precision. Although the average individual can expect a career of 30 years or more, an athlete may just have a few years of professional earnings. CIC can provide strong financial education and planning to help you prepare for a solid future.
  • Support others wisely. It’s important to make donations, help out friends and family, and support your neighborhood. An athlete who is suddenly receiving a large paycheck may struggle decline the worthy causes that exist. However, it is important to have a strategy that allows you to support worthwhile causes, while maintaining a cap on charitable giving, so you can plan adequately for your future goals. We can work with you to determine a fair strategy so that you don’t give away more than is prudent.
  • Determine your next career/education options. A professional athlete needs to plan for future career goals and educational opportunities. Higher education can certainly ensure success outside of the sports arena, but going back to school requires appropriate fiscal consideration and planning. CIC Wealth will help you develop a strategy for attending the college that can support you as you begin your second career.