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Financial Planning


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Financial Planning

Growing your savings. Safeguarding your future. Achieving your objectives. These issues are important to us all. And they are crucial to the consumers serviced by CIC Wealth.

Focusing on and discovering what is most important to you is the initial step in forming a relevant financial strategy. We understand your intentions, commitment and security are strongest when your objectives match your priorities – what is significant to you.

United, we’ll establish a strategy that’s:

  • Customized. We create a plan to address your needs, preferences and priorities that is individualized to you.
  • Complete. We propose individual investment and coverage plans to assist you as you seek and achieve your objectives. Strategies include:
    • Fiscal portfolio and asset appropriation report
    • College and retirement funding objective estimates – know how much you should save and how.
    • Tax plans, related to earnings, capital gains, and taxes – understand how investment strategies and choices can help you appreciate your assets. It’s not about what you accrue, but about what you use and savor.
    • Uncertainty management – complete analysis of insurance plans. Strengthen yourself and your family for the unknown.
    • Estate – leave assets to the causes and people you love the most.
  • Unified. We precisely define and deliberately weigh relationships between each strategy. Recognize how fiscal decisions made in one part of the strategy affect all facets of your plan. Accordingly, every consideration should be weighed in relation to all goals.

Your fiscal strategy will stand as your model as you seek your objectives: Meeting monthly expenses. Financing a child’s education. Growing assets for future years. Contributing to your loved ones’ financial freedoms, establishing yourself so that unexpected events don’t disturb or impair your ability to achieve your goals.

A CIC Wealth advisor will assist you in building a plan. Through a careful process and an established rapport, we will steadily focus on what is significant to you.

Who requires planning?

  • Individuals – everyone can benefit from planning. Establishing goals, both financial and personal, leads to clear decision making strategies and superior outcomes.
  • Families – Stabilizing investments for college funding and retirement while safeguarding the family’s fiscal cohesion.
  • Professionals – Attorneys and physicians spend significant time and money building their careers and therefore often begin their career with substantial debt. Coordinating fiscal plans to include debt pay offs, and future savings is crucial. Deploying financial objectives and products to safeguard against risks along the path should be carefully pursued.
  • Business Owners – Executives work with an often underutilized basket of capital. How to control business liability, asset growth, succession and fiscal planning all must be considered. Does my business retirement strategy meet my future savings objectives and those of my employees? Do I maintain an exit plan, one that strategizes for the tax ramifications of a transition or sale? And does my financial plan integrate that exit plan? Am I using all resources available to reduce income tax liability along the way?