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Business Owners


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Business Owners

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Business owners must safeguard their investments and prepare for future uncertainties. The financial viability of your business can be threatened by taxation, loss of fundamental employees, and business liabilities. However, your primary focus should be on sustaining and growing your business.

At CIC Wealth Advisors, our experienced professionals work with owners of both large and small businesses, either as a member of a team of professionals or alone. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your assets are safe from unexpected stumbling blocks, to entice and protect key employees, and to align your fiscal assets for growth.

We Can Help:

  • Prepare business stability procedures to handle unforeseen events like natural disasters
  • Develop an exit plan that is effective with a third party investor or without
  • Lessen or omit capital gains taxes for the sale of the company or other relevant assets
  • Coordinate your business progression strategy with your investment strategy
  • Safeguard against impairments brought about by the loss of a critical employee due to death, impairment, or retirement
  • Create plans to support and motivate workers that may provide tax perks for you
  • Offer workforce retention support assistance through the development of a strong benefits plan
  • Build systems to achieve tax performance (estate, capital gains, and income)
  • Assist you with strategies to utilize your businesses to move assets from your personal investments
  • Manage a survey of benefits
  • Maintain your group retirement program and boost the performance of the plan for your prosperity
  • Institute procedures to reduce un-insured uncertainly within your company

We recognize your interests and we will demonstrate how to comfortably handle, safeguard, and cultivate your assets.