Financial Advisors Rockville MD

Financial Advisors Rockville MDCIC Wealth serves clients in the Rockville area who recognize the importance of consulting financial advisors in order to achieve their financial goals. In today’s world, solely relying on Social Security payments to make ends meet is not realistic. Even if one has a retirement fund it may not be enough. In advance of reaching retirement, it’s important to plan for one’s future. Our CIC Wealth financial advisors can help you with this.

Financial Portfolios

Many people have a financial portfolio but do not understand what is in it and have not set realistic goals about what they wish to accomplish with it within a designated time frame. This uncertainty can cause anxiety, and understandably so. What can also add confusion is the fluctuations in the market which may dramatically impact the value of someone’s hedge against future poverty post-retirement. At CIC Wealth, our financial advisors understand that many factors might contribute to an overall sense of confusion, and we are here to provide clarity. Contact us today to request a no-cost, confidential consultation with one of our financial advisor Rockville to learn how we can assist you.

Social Security Is Not Enough

As a stand-alone income source, Social Security is rarely sufficient to cover the recipient’s cost of living expenses. It was never intended to do so. However, as a supplementary income it can be helpful. It’s very important to plan and establish one or more retirement accounts before retiring. In this way it can be possible to enjoy a higher quality of life than if one is forced to live at or below the poverty level. CIC Wealth financial advisors in Rockville can help you and your family determine the best financial path for you to achieve your goals and financial security after retirement.

CIC Wealth Financial Advisors in Rockville Offer Informed Guidance

Financial matters can be confusing and overwhelming. When it comes to retirement account options, it can be difficult to make the decisions that will be optimum for your future. Our CIC Wealth financial advisors in Rockville can help you manage your portfolio and provide you with the guidance you need. In addition to having a depth of knowledge about retirement account options, our financial advisors have a firm grasp of federal and state tax laws and how you can minimize your tax obligations using various retirement package options.

Our Financial Advisors Can Protect Your Best Interests

Securing one’s financial future can be stressful and at times emotional, particularly during tumultuous times when the stock market suffers. However, when you have carefully built a solid portfolio with the guidance of our CIC Wealth financial advisors in Rockville, your long term outlook is the focus. We can help you to stay on track rather than react emotionally to short term challenges. A common mistake for those who invest in the stock market is to take the short view and sell when long term goals may more easily be met by staying firm. Our financial advisors in Rockville have seen this scenario many times and can provide you with the insight you need to achieve financial success—call us today to learn more.