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A Strategic Investment Approach


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A Strategic Investment Approach

Your advisor should offer you more than just a diversified group of mutual funds or stock picking. At CIC Wealth, we create a completely individualized portfolio for you that meets your personalized fiscal needs, definitive risk/return plan and detailed objectives and timeframe. We will not just plug numbers into a model and process you on autopilot. Our method is objective, dedicated and customized for you alone.

Our value investing method spotlights strong companies and then discovers disparities between the company’s value and the cost of that company in the market.

We believe you should comprehend your investments. At CIC Wealth we encourage you to meet with your advisor and the team that makes the individual investment determinations. We don’t seek to make you an expert, but we understand that an educated investor is a strong investor. We will teach you about your investments, and the reasons why you have those particular investments.